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you have amazing game and pixel drawing skills, you are boss

Wow! you're an amazing artist with an amazing looking game! I hope you get more followers and love cause you deserve it! Keep up the great work ^^

You have 100 followers now

Dude, you pixel art is somethin else, ypur so underrated!

I really hope to see u grow more :)


The party menu screen has to change for the new guy, hahaha!

Aw... He's just adorable.

Al Bhed. Code language. Whatever you call it, you're gonna need 26 different tomes to discover a few secrets by the ancient and robotic, letter by letter. (In this case, A, B, and C were unlocked for the second message.)


Cleaned up some of the cooking scene.


When I set out to make a Dark Cloud-like, I meant it.

There's still a lot of work to do, but what I've got so far works and it works well.

Here's a new attack anim I came up with in my spare time.



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