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you have amazing game and pixel drawing skills, you are boss

Wow! you're an amazing artist with an amazing looking game! I hope you get more followers and love cause you deserve it! Keep up the great work ^^

You have 100 followers now

Dude, you pixel art is somethin else, ypur so underrated!

I really hope to see u grow more :)


This should be the last time I update Subzero Slugger, Idyll's signature move. Probably.

#pixelart #rpg #jrpg #rpgmaker #rpgmakerMV #indiedev


Things like screen flashing can be turned off now.

Didn't even know what bit 'em.

"CRT" filter option added. Here's a side-by-side comparison. It'll animate in the overworld and it won't in menus. By default, it is OFF.

#rpg #rpgmaker #rpgmakermv #somewhen

You can find these posts about what I do or about Somewhen on Twitter if you'd prefer some this and some commentary. I'd also like to apply to be a creator once a certain pre-requisite is met! I'd appreciate a follow there!


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