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Shout @Super_Onyx!

how does it feel to be banned from the server?


Why friend request tho?


Main Menu Preview For Whole Game,In Extra next episode 2 and others will be Unlocked if You will get Best Ending in current game,that need it.

Well Some animations changes has started,This is the New Tails'Hurt Animation,when he lose rings and etc releated stuff.


This Is new Action Coming in Sonic.EXE The Evil Destiny,also who knows how to fix this bug?


Sonic's Voice Preview,Sonic's Voice by @Sam12_Official

Well,The Game will have a Big Change!It won't be a simple round 1 and round 2 are not combined games,this game will be a collection of 8 episodes:Team Sonic,Team Sally,Team Rouge,Chaotix,Sage(From Sonic Frontiers),Sonia,Scrouge,Satam and Vanilla.

Link into Sonic.EXE The Evil Destiny's Server:

Link into (?)'s Server:


Difficulty Select


Fonts for Difficulty Select:@DanielMania123

Knuckles's Demise

Well this time not the TeD Team looking for Music Composers,this time only me,looking for 2 Music Composers,Who can make Genesis Styled Musics,something like this:

Knuckles Chaotix - Seascape (Sonic 2 Remix)
One of my favourite themes from the game, which plays at the Marina Madness stages, recreated with classic Sonic The Hedgehog 2 instruments. Extended with a ...