Hello, we are Team Origin, a team working on many games.

We often don't rush, and if we do rush, it's to get something done before a deadline.

We already have enough team members, so don't bother applying, just sit and wait for the show.

We hope you enjoy your visit, though!

FYI: The website will pull up PlainBoi's YT account. Why don't you be a lad, and subscribe to him if you haven't?

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Shout @TeamOrigin!

what are you exactly?

this is garbage

@TeamRV How did you get a space in your username??

shut up!!!! :angryface:

You're probably wondering where that shitpost game and Killscreen Simulator went.


Update: I wanna redesign the game. (NOT OFFICIAL)

1 year of the demo.

Literally everyone who leaked Rigged Votes before were all Green Sans fans.

#greensweep (just to get the message through)