I draw some drawing from video games like FNaF and more but mostly FNaF. I also am working on 365 day Minecraft build series.

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you're the first person to ever comment on my first accounts gamejolt post

bro you need to be verified

I have a question. Do you wanna be friends? Yeah I know its problably normal to someone ask you about be friends XD

hi, we made 3 games together like sonic two you may not Rember me

Froggit from Undertale would be cool


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT3jhFW9GA-T1FmmKqCIr3w

My friend Joe___ / Joecece:


My other friend Not_boogieman


My other other friend Dinotoast567



Where I went. Also here is a revamped 365 tower that I made for a canceled 365 reboot.

Alright short answer to my question: I grew up, I completely grew out of the type of community on the site.

Long answer: read the article

also you 100% dont remember me

remember everyone do this

Bro I was just trying to get a single dandidoo and instead I got 2 rates before a normal one

Bruhhhhh what is this, that is the worst fake I have ever seen