✏🖌•°Oh Hello! Welcome to my profile <3 i posted some random stuff but mostly i post art/Sprite°•✏🖌


🎨🖌💀| My Account |💀🖌🎨

💕My Birthday: 10 January <3🍰

💕fav color: Red,blue,green,pink/purple,yellow,orange,black,white •°• 🌈

💕My Age : 11 YEARS Old

❤Gender:Male 🧑

🌎Country: Malaysia

My Character:

Gaylart : someone being saying gay art 🤮

DiscordDumbdumb : he is a bots or human,but..idk how this Discord is soDumb😜

ShadedGuy : shadedguy like shadings art/sprite btw...shadedguy hates terrible art or bad art



❌...well,something....someone accept friends request but...Please dont ask in comment or shout say "accept my friend request" if I didn't accept it before/after, it's because I didn't want to so don't comment and send shouts on that kind of thing,like alot❌°•

❗If your make my Oc's? please accept my friends request first & say "can i make ur Oc's? yes sure your can post,comment or shout,oh & forgot to say Credits to me ok ?😉

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if the chats friends,dont unfollow me twice. Cause alot of unfollow people

who deserve it.❗

❌Please dont add me in the group without Permission,Say something on chats

say "can i add your in group?" i said yes. if your add me in the group without permission?

i unfriended your😠

❗I accept art requested, but don't come to me again and just ask for two, be kinder, it's a little bit annoying when someone comes and only many asks me for an art. i will give 3 art requested only not 10 requested❗


✨• friend requests open! <3 •🌟


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@_a_Dumb_Artist_ so Cute Post <3 !!! follow this guy & his art is awesome & so cool 🤩

@ItsME_Dustcord he is so dumb but...i absolutly bruh, follow this guy

@dizle So awesome Post 😁 Follow that Guy Bc i love he Kept his smile

& lost <3

@Battle_X286 no Plz dont go to Grave 😮 i love your art so much follow him plz its great

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@WillyOfficial Has 50 IQ but...he doesnt have 100 or 200 IQ Yet

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@BerrorB so nice i did on DFC but...hes offline ;-; follow him, hes a girl gamer

@Cargo_Brothers I hope your get 1000 followers soon...follow him so awesome <3

@dogtroid your Overworld is Awesome Plz follow him!!! its adorable

@Black_WolfRO Thx for making sans animation for my sprite Follow him :)

your memes is epic

@TheHasanGamer i love FNAF i love it Follow him Plz :3 hes cool

@FathiGamingz Becoming Canny : your favourite Games (Follow Him Plz :3)

@InkSansGaming_UndertaleFan more like inkGamings_fans ('_' follow bruh)

(Theres more maybe soon)


📡Social Media

Youtube : _A_Dumb_TheDrawGamer_ - YouTube

My community : https://gamejolt.com/c/CommunityIsReturn-pfzzd3

Roblox : dustsans321233 - Roblox


ok thats all,Maybe i try my friends on description. (maybe)😉

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thx bro

Ah yes,He kelt his smile Sprite is finished

@dizle here you go,The sprite is almost finished 👌

i'm making Wednesday infidelity of Wistfullness

(Bc im lazy to draw body :P)

Random thing i made

i making scrambo, Again...

The Gamejolt emojies but mini pixel

im spending this making gamejolt emojies

in 2 or 3 hours💀