Just your average Viking Sloth, living in space with an alien companion and two pet creatures, with help from a custom built AI, and on the run from a living Singularity....No biggie.

Show Schedule: Thur, Sat, | (TBA)
The Live Show: youtube.com/thehypersloth
The Grid Discord: https://discord.gg/RbXsske

I also want to say, I never knew about GameJolt till I was surrounded by amazing people from here, and thanks to them, I have renewed energy to wake up each day and continue putting on a show. You all have my thanks, and my love.

Stay classy, everyone.

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Hey hyper, I got another game request


It's like ddlc but with more endings, animal people like animal crossing, 3D gameplay for the horror parts, and a joke ending for doing nothing for the first cooking part of the game called "bingus ending"


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Hey there -👋
I disappeared for a while.
You may have noticed.
I'll explain in the attached Article.👇

If you did not noticed...
Don't worry. I'll be seeing you soon. :)


QUICK THINKING saved everything



What have I done...


Enjoying this new class I rolled. 👌