hi guys! my name is Jason! welcome to my profile! Here's some info about me

PFP art is made by me

age: 16

I am bigender!

pronouns: he/she/they, use whichever ones you wanna use!

i'm a furry (not one of the bad ones)

My Nintendo Switch friend code is: SW-3820-9107-8030

If you only came to my account to send hate to me because I'm a furry, then please fuck off

Sexuality: Bisexual (but i mostly prefer men) and Poly

currently taken by: @TumbleApartment , @gdmichelle , @hahahhakillme, @FNF_K31th and @JustMikhail0 :3

Do not follow me if you are homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, an opinion disrespecter, or a furry harasser

things i like: DOOM, Friday the 13th, FNaF, Star Wars, Sonic, YouTube, the MCU, horror movies, Transformers, Rick and Morty, Friday Night Funkin' and much more! :D

favorite music genres: metal and rap

Please ask me permission before putting me into a group chat

if you wanna follow me then go ahead! before friending me, ask me about it first!

Roblox account: https://www.roblox.com/users/1380502122/profile

ok welp that's about it, cya

friends/who to follow:

@PrincessDeSynk one of my bestest friends on GameJolt! give her a follow!

@ObscureEasterEgg e g g (another great person! follow them!)

@Larl_Le_Cupcake three words: gay. femboy. furry. that's all you need to know about him, and it's why you should follow him (also he's a cutie pie OwO)

@MrSus i am 75% sure he simps for me. but that doesn't mean he isn't a great guy! follow him!

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@Caro_ p h r o g (also a great person, follow her)

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@JoeOfficial JOE MAM- *dies* (but another great friend of mine, follow him!)

@YumiGaming_ does Yumi REALLY need an introduction? i'm sure all of you know who they are by now. but still, follow them!

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@Noob_Gaming is anothet great person! Follow him!

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How gay are you

hello, tank u for liking my posts,

i have question

do u want leak of the uh unkown takeover (i mean uncle fred takeover)

hey old me!


Baked beans

everyone, go follow @Cat_Cosplay

the username should tell you why to follow them

guess who!

sorry for lack of posts, i've just had nothing to post recently

i got this LEGO set two days ago! the LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime!


im baaaaaaack

i got this LEGO set yesterday! the LEGO San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Wonder Woman set! lmk what you think!

(well it was SUPPOSED to be a Comic Con exclusive but... 2020)

since i said that i made my OC Canonically a femboy, i wanted him to look like well... a femboy

lmk what you think

i made this a few days ago! im not great at photoshopping but i think this is a good attempt for a first try! lmk what you think!

im back, yo

im getting two new LEGO sets in the mail :D