Hi my name is Thegamervice77.

Info About me and my friends!!

I am Sonic but in human version (in the night i transform XD) But anyways i am only here to make people happy and see awesome draws by users. If you want to follow me i will thank you very much <), but please if you follow me because you want something from me i will blocked you and report you for good. And dont add me to group chat without any permittion. Thank you!!

I will only accept friend request if i really know you well or trust you.

OC Made on 2020

Bday: Jan 10

@gamejolt games are the best B).

@thoro - A special gamejolt user :D

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Favorite games:

Five night at JoaCo Saga by: @Dis_Pop

Five night at Cosos by: @MidaGames

Five night at Bendys by: @IcesRicks

Five night at Arias by: @AriasDEV

The Banana Splits: Serial Silliness by: @FazieFunbear

Those nights at Pierro by: @Frost_pierro

A week with Javier by: @Jav759DEV

And so on.......

Real friend: @Revive_Loren

Header by: @Glitchy_the_Fox

Pfp by: @Silentfaith

Header made by myself!!

Cool people: You should follow :)

@STGtheSTAR - Cool digital artist :0

@Not_nonsenseicecube - a cool and silly IceCube

@MafyProyect - A artist

@HearthCandy2 - King of the memes and a lovely friend 💙

@Skyler20089 - Recently friend

@MisuButDeveloper - Cute friend

@Kagen_Prereductions - An Old friend

@Jav759DEV - A small cool person

@NadaN1 - Talented artist

@WitheredToyNickTheHedgeHogYT - WTSTH friend

@Bwalsh5660 - Cute furry with a cute artstyle

@LukeDeBruin - Talented kid and fnas artist

@K_P_F A fellow Youtuber, artist and Developer

@Vitalityy_ - A creative FnaS artist

@bunniie - Amazing artist

@ManutkArt - 3D Artist :)

@DiRel_BlueJi - A Shiny FnaF Artist 💙

@TheToastGuy - Awesome on making Toasts 😋🤤

@XxReytheGoldenRetreiver98xX - A furry Retreiver :O

@joeygies123456 - Foxy boi :O!!!!

@-Sunset- funny guy and a Developer

@HastGamePD_HastGME - A extraordinary Fnas artist!!!!!!!!!

@BilenkoArteam - A YT Fnaf fangame max mode beater 😎

@KniteBlargh iteBlargh -(Cute cat●v●Meow)

@CwoodsWDCchannel - A very artist furry boi =)

@EthanGoesVroom - a furry gox with headphones and wears a mask

@Raccoonicorn - A Raccon with unicorn style

@PixelSenpai - A great human with three eye

@KagenFeltmeyer - A Meme boi,


@JG-artist - A nice artist with kind friends

@secretALT - MY sister 😳 (Not really)

@witheredtoysonicthehedgehog - My Best friend and Youtuber boi

@Skyler20089 - just a normal person

@team-darkness-and-team-gems - Scary guy with a dark soul 💀🥶

@Silentfaith - My main best friend of all gamejolt 🥰

@SergiElTeletubbieVerde - A green Youtuber BOI that does memes with fnf

@doyouwannahaveabadtimefool - My friend SANS

@Glitchnic -A Talented artist draws thats he does on paper

@Glitchy_the_Fox - My Sidekick friend

@IcesRicks - A Fantastic cartoon artist

@Thepoppliothatdoesart - POPPLIO 💙💙💙💙

@BlackAntoITA - My Biggest freddy friend 🖤


@bunnythebon_oficial - Spanish bunny boi


@mandomandofox - Gorgeous Femboy

@SunkyTehMemeLord - THE MEME LORD!!!

@LenzoUriondo - A Realistic artist!!

@YumiGaming_ - A HHPP Fan and family guy too

@supermelquiBros - A short artist 😍🖤

@DandanGames67 - A short artist using image as guide!!

@wisemalejandro - A GUY THAT DOES HES DRAW SHINNY!!!!!!!

@FabriJuega777 - Latino friendo

@lawlessbacon - Cutie little flowie ☺

@FormulaFanboyFFIB - A simple formula lol, but cool

@LizaTheHuman - A adorable friend and cool artist

And sorry for your notifications (i should stop mentioning so i dont get into trouble) but yeah i love them as my family Here on @gamejolt where every game you cant find on here <3.

Developers to follow:

@J4V13R759 ,@ThomasMarioFan48 ,@bigtrevvy , @Saensodel , @PyroRapidFox , @WwwWario , @jeb_yoshi , @ThirdTimeLucky , @MidaGames , @realscawthon , @RadianceGamesOfficial , @NickPerson , @AriasDEV , @Ultranite, @Random_Official , @Dis_Pop , @superkirbyjs , @Highcell , @Janik_55555 , @TheToastGuy

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Happy Spawnday Gamer! :D

Happy Spawnday my dude!


Hi guys we have another edit for today, i hope you like it (Pretty short but still)


Here's one of the edits i improved as far

Took me 2 hours cause i did it in the morning and it was difficult to stay awake XD


He wasn't the chosen one to get the ultimate power


Relatable on how we say hi


The Best Collaboration 💀