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Shout @ThirdTimeLucky!

Friends pls

also plz friend me :(

TTl, 'Like your art is just dawn cool and smooth bro and that's awesome

your a pretty epic person i must say

hi! this looks like a good account for content and also nice to seet u even if u dont respond:'D

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I got bored, so I made this. Still a WIP for now.

The song is just Faker for now, but @TeraLyte is going to be making an original song for it, might leave this in but as a cover for the voice we choose idk

Anyway, enjoy this WIP

Happy new year folks! (from Australia)

(its 20 mins late but who cares lmao)

Shoutouts to @gamejolt for being quite poggers and helping me through 2021

Here to hoping 2022 is better lol

The official Friday night Funkin': BASEMENT BEATDOWN modpage is finally here!!

We can't wait to show you what's in store for this mod in the foreseeable future!

Merry Christmas (from Australia) Gamejolt!! 🎄

Wish all those who see this post, and all those who don't, a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!!


I have left some Christmas messages and thank you's in the article bellow, read if u wish :)



Big thank you to everyone who tuned into the #spawnday stream :)
It was so much fun, and i appreciate everyone who showed up, whether it be through the whole stream, or even if it was just a few minutes

Love u all!!

(Amazing art by @ArtBoy)