I'm gamer and maybe a artists too but I like angry birds,Kof(king of fighters),fnf,fortnite,nintendo,and more and I oh so do anime and movies (animated) Too.

but I oh so make game that are original

The game that I have made

City crashers the scratch edition (you can play it)

City crashers 2 (this finish and now you can play it)

Ozzy (still in the works)

Here my YouTube channel


Here my Twitter account


My switch friend code: SW-8582-9808-1590

My super smash bros brawl friend code:2582-9855-1008

My Mario kart Wii friend code:1938-7483-0170

My fortnite username:9929393o3393

My scratch account:https://scratch.mit.edu/users/toonred/

My devintart account:https://www.deviantart.com/toonredmaio64

My itch.io account:https://toonredmaio64.itch.io/

My apkpure account:https://apkpure.com/ms/u/15826232

My birthday date is 27 of February

I'm homeschool

oh so i have rule

1 don't ship toonred with sky because i hate it

2 don't be mean to me or anyone or I will block you because I don't like people caming to my account just to be a jerk because would hurt some ones feelings and I don't want people feeling sad caming over here. I just want people to feelings happy and to just have fun but I fine that you don't like the content I make

best friends




My sister




My Waifu


my dream is to be a game developer

oh i am big fan of snail house,kof,angry birds,and Nintendo

And oh so I'm a Christian too.

But I don't like tell people about it


I'm a ice climber main in ssbu

But don't tell even one about this

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Happy Spawnday! @Toonredmaio64


Happy Spawn Day

Ok I made the box art to city crashers 2

Today I got the yellow belt at ninjistu

I change my profile for Christmas

Ok yesterday I went to a thrift shop and I found this


My favorite joke in free birds

Happy Thanksgiving!