I'm gamer and maybe a artists too but I like angry birds,fnf,fortnite,nintendo,and more and I oh so do anime and movies (animated) Too but I oh so make game at are original and some time make

Here my YouTube channel


Here my Twitter account


My switch friend code: SW-8582-9808-1590

My fortnite username:9929393o3393

My scratch account:https://scratch.mit.edu/users/toonred/

My devintart account:https://www.deviantart.com/toonredmaio64

My itch.io account:https://toonredmaio64.itch.io/

My birthday date is 27 of February

oh so i have rule

1 don't ship toonred with sky because i hate it

best friends





My sister




my dream is to be a game developer

oh so i am big fan of snail house.

And oh so I'm a Christian too.

But I don't like to talk about it.

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why did you heck left my community? and why did you unfollow me?

Can i be Full collaborator in your community?

Thanks for the support dude it has been almost I think 1-2mouths we meet do you think the same.

Can You join GoreBox on GameJolt pls join


Well I been work on week 5 for a while and I made is for some reason.


Chain chomp kills wario

the slendytubbies scratch game is finished

here the link:https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/710322152


ok i made a cpu work all by myself in scratch.

Ok one time my mom went to a goodwill and found for me and is plush have the old logo to angry birds.

well this exiets


Man I wish that other videos games have blooper reels.

Ok one time me and my sister (@Creeperkitty ) was bored and for some my sister draw toonred like is for some reason.


Daddy dearest in a nutshell


Me when school ends for the summer.