That guy who makes FNaF: Trolling Terror's art! Working with @UnderNightPlumber , @emnet123 , @TaggedTerror, @TheGraveRabbit , and a few other friends to bring you a "raging" experience here on Gamejolt!

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Shout @ToonyLad!

guys. we can play games Here

wah t sup


expect no news on projects until after february 14th or if there’s any sort of cancellation of this event, you’ll only get funnies until then, sorry i just think it’s not gonna be the best time for me to post news when it’ll be overposted by

this stuff

insert nuclear winter joke but replace nuclear winter with gamejolt sonic.exe event

Five Nights at Treasure Island: Midnight Moon AU
I've been working on this for a while, finally giving an entire overhaul to all the art, which I think I've shown snippits of here in the past. Enjoy! (Read article + clean images included in arrows)

in more then half an hour, we'll probably see a minion in a mario costume as actual promotional material

im so glad i post all my art on gj and discord and not deviantart, not only do i just not find that site comfortable but i evaded the oncoming purge that is the new ai feature, aint no way im letting someone mess around with my work to post it with a bot


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