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Shout @VioletKid!

Hey dude i saw a post that says people descovered plant life in the hellrooms so i made this render in blender using your minecraft image as a reference. I hope you like it.

uh my internets acting up so the fireside went "haha get kicked" i cant rejoin it

wheres my toast?

My sister tried to take my godamn phone to her my dads house in another state where she lives.

I now remember the fact that she steals all the time.


More AI generated text

AI generated text

A just an unsuppressed specture. Personally I think it looks quite nice.

Ah yes, YFM is childrens music.

Robloxiphilia should be a thing considering the hundreds of sexual roblox tiktoks there are

Roblox is shutting down

Just think about the horrible people who had much MUCH attention to them because they are a pedophile or some shit like that and DONT get banned, or they get banned and after things are calm UNBANS THEM. (More in article)