Gamedev, also the most popular Android porter of .exe-games.


Pfp by: TemikMania
Spritesheet - HamsterMan

Engine which I use for developing games: Construct 2/3 (now), CF2.5+ (before, bruh).

All rights to "Sonic the Hedgehog" belong to SEGA. All rights to the OC design belong to HamsterMan and ZaPWaR (me).

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Are your followers real people


Which country do you live in? Just wondered.

Happy spawn day!!!!

Planning to start porting it in spring or summer 2023

For everyone who writes something like this
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One More Round Android Port W.I.P...?


So long time without news about TSoH Android port.

Tails Route Beta release

Sonic.Exe Nightmare Beginning Remake Android Tails Route Beta Release
ENGIn my post on YouTube I said that I can't work on my projects because of the war. So, as I promise, I am releasing the current beta version of SONIC.EXE N...