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Heya! I'm back!

My name is Allie. Some people call me Zel, and I went under the name "Alexia" for a good while. I'm an absolutely radical bad artist and fanfic writer. My skills in both are near nil, but that's because I kinda don't try that much. I guess I'm pretty friendly, so feel free to shoot me a friend request.

Life is pretty tiring, even with this 7-month weekend. I've got a lot going on, so if I'm not very active or take a while to get back to you, that's why. However, I always respond to everyone eventually!

For the bit of my personal life I;m willing to share, here ya go: I've got two cats, a really depressing dog, and a simping problem. I've got a mouse and the Audacity program, and so I can technically make music. Is it good? no.

That's about it! If there is anything I missed, shout it below! And then ak yourself why you know more about me than I do

Thanks to @verduritas04 for the pfp!! Go follow them or else.








Hey! The prototype site is now LIVE!


Welcome to ZPadd! Enjoy your stay.




This community really is the best part of gamejolt now. Happy people being who they wanna be, sharing art and support.

Seeing a community come together like this is heartwarming, thank you!

I love you all UwU

I have recently been promoted to Head Admin on like a big ass server I've been a part of for a few years! It's pretty sweet!

haha no this is stressful

dude why do the fuckin nine-year-olds gotta all congregate here pls go be crotchgoblins somewhere else

Congratulations to the LGBTQ+ Community on becoming verified!

It's heartwarming to see this community, that I watched hit its first member milestones, finally become recognized as it should here on GameJolt.

Love ya!


Unpopular opinion

People who follow 20,000 people and have 2,000 followers don't count

Sorry, just seems like bullshit to me