Some GameMaker (horror games and/or .EXEs) and music composer. My games are NOT meant to harm your computer.

P.S. : if you play my games, then i would like you to publish your reaction to youtube.

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Happy spawn day!



i love you



I didn't actually expect MindSide's "door in the middle of nowhere" to become a popular weirdcore image.

back in the day i used to make fanarts to internet users without realizing they drew NSFW stuffs on their side.

yeah i'm talking to you, Sour the cat.

I don't know when i'll ever make "Twilight Horror 2 (Remake)" but i didn't know this remake was gonna have such an influence, it's just a damn remake.

HunterOttoReturns5.exe is supposed to be what happens before the first HunterOttoReturns.exe (it's why there's dialogues from the first game at the end), removing the HWN file causes a timeline where HunterOttoReturns.exe never happens.