Alias for the developer who works full time in industry and does this on the side. I make some weird stuff & some random tools for peeps mostly xD

There is another Carter Games account on here, but I lost the details and couldn't recover it, so I made a new one xD, this is the official one and the only one that is going to be active!


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Not a game but one of my several tools. I just updated one of them this week called "Build Versions". Not the best name but its the best I could come up with....

Read More about it below


When you make a build of your game and this happens.....A dev's worst nightmare.... well mine atleast... the dreaded NullReferenceException!!!!!

The next devlog for C.W.I.S is here!

Read more below!


The next devlog is here!

The main changes include new weapons, upgrades implemented onto the CWIS turret, early detection lines for incoming missiles & several bug fixes.

See the full video in the article below!


Devlog Delayed

Sadly this weeks devlog is delayed, partly due to progress on the project, partly due to not having the time to edit it. Hoping to have it out next weekend!

Here's a sneak peak of some new stuff to fill the void xD

Upgrades & A Whole Load Of Bugs | C.W.I.S Game Devlog #3


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