dumbass who tried to code but can't. i also try to make music but it's not always the best. also i'm good at charting in FNF. oh yeah also it seems as if the FNF community is migrating here which, honestly is better than i expected. pfp by @TheMaxster


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my nuts, eat em.


new pfp lmao

made by SpinSlash165, he's a really cool dude and a great friend: https://twitter.com/SpinSlash165

https://youtu.be/isFJvYribJQ haha funny sans.

thanks to honkish for letting me chart this and making the song, real fun working with honkish on the Nicky Mod and this mod.

sanscello (i charted honkish's "bones" lmao)
song is a remix of nerves made by honkish, go check them out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bCap_HAmN8nerves and garcello were originally made by ragemine...

will be on vacation starting saturday, letting everyone know in advance since, i'm unable to access my pc in fucking florida. i'll try and help direct the mods though since i don't need a pc for that.

stay safe everyone! wear your seatbelt.


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