Hobby game development project started by Robin Andblom in 2016. Currently three people developing the puzzler #onemoreexperiment_game

Social media: https://linktr.ee/ambercrowngames


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Hi. My name is Noah and I am the lead project manager for the development team LightShed Studios. We make fnaf fangames and we're currently working on a project in Unreal Engine. If you know how to model or develop, we would want you on our team! Thank you

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ngl these games are great.

Ill Play Your Games!

A few samples of Andreas new dialogue, coming in the new demo 10th December! Enjoy! #onemoreexperiment_game


OME - DEV BLOG: Andrea (NEW DIALOGUE!) - From upcoming demo!
ONE MORE EXPERIMENT - SILVER DEMO COMING 10th DECEMBER 2022------------------------------Andrea Randall is starting to hear mysterious sounds in her apartmen...

Me everyday lol

Sorry for the lack of activity here. Im the only developer now (in art/code). Ive been focusing all my time on the game itself..

Good news is a new demo with LOTS of new content will be released the 10th Dec 2022. It will include 5 levels, more dialogue!

Sneak Peek of level 4 and 5! The new demo will include 3 new levels (5 in total!)

Dont miss the release 10th of December!


Climb Animation - BEHIND THE SCENES (WIP)!

Thats right in the new demo you will be able to CLIMB! Climb what!? Well thats a surprise


Set a reminder in your calender for 10th December, when the new demo willbe out!

ONE MORE EXPERIMENT - SILVER DEMO COMING 10 DEC 2022!!------------------------------Andrea Randall is starting to hear mysterious sounds in her apartment, an...