Hi all!

I'm from Argentina and I'm mostly a filmmaker. I've made lots of short films (the most know ones are "Otakus" and "Working Day") and am currently finishing my first feature film.

I'm also into games, obviously, but mostly as a gamer. I started making my game "The Black Heart" long ago as a hobby and was surprised to discover it was getting as big as a full game.

That way I decided to finish it and it became this nice little fighting game (whcih is pretty big to be made by 1 guy).

I haven't yet decided if I'm gonna make another game. I'd really like to, but my filmmaker career is starting to grow and I just don't have the time for both things. Maybe some day I'll find the way to make another game, and when that happens be sure you'll know!

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This game has been one of my favorites for more than a year now. Just though I'd let you know. The fact that it's made by you alone makes it that much better. If there were a series of these games, I'm sure people would love them

I am a huge fan of your game

do you have any ideas about why your game The Black Heart
keeps crashing for me?

I'm running on a windows 10


The final version of THE BLACK HEART has been published on STEAM!
Don't miss it:

See the new trailer which tells the whole story of the game's development.


The full final version of the game comes to Steam on october 21 with crazy new content!


The Black Heart is now on STEAM with its new 10 YEARS VERSION. Go get it for an updated, more stable and content richer version of the game. Meanwhile you can still get the old free 1.2.1 version here on Gamejolt.