(15) tiled/tiledmind!

I'm a freetime artist and use IbisPaintX to draw, using my fingers since I'm a bit broke to afford a pen ^^'

I make content of my current interest, and I also draw OC's, a lot actually.

Thanks for reading!

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hello bro


I think I just had a dream of a fucking. I dunno. Fuckin uhhh bizzaro world version of you that followed me around school hallways and said abhorrent shit on the internet and then when i tried to like- send screenshots to people you would just fucking pinch my neck or bite the back of it, oddly enough. I never turned around the entire time. dsaskrnrfifnwhat



Im so awesome im giving not just one, but three brushes! Im so cool.

Feel human?


Pretty. Only a few more and I can finally work on the new guys.

Hannya. It's a she. Not really an exe but is inspired by one so.

Andre. Not too many changes. I hate drawing this guy ina serious manner since drawingg squares are not my forte.