So uhh yuh I am no longer here ummm so yuh feel free to still read meh bio if yuh want idc :^

Hello, I am Dãññy, and dis is meh bioooo :0


I do not have discard, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter ok so don't ask if I have it,

I have roblox user name: king_danny666 just tell me wut ur user name is


Info about me


Nickname: dãñ/buttons/duckie

My friends: buttons,shot,pepy, staples,glitch and duckie (ppl in my head)

Bday: Feb 17th

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Age: 12-16

Gender: boi

Hight: small bean :-:

I hate meat :^

Fav color:black and red and rose gold,and purple,

Fav movie: monsters Inc, scream, IT, and more :^

Allergic to cats, I have asthma,and ADHD kinda color blind, have anger issues,have rilly bad trust issues I have anxiety and yuh

I have lots of panic attacks, dizzy and sick 24/7

(Pets I have: CAT

I'm a photographer :)

Dating status: takin

Use they/he plz and thanks

Bi (but puffer guys more) non-binary, Asexual,poly trans ftm), gayyy

Music is my therapy

I tell jokes and fun facts UwU

I forget things very easily- so don't get mad at me-

I'm a fucking asshole most of the time, but I can get soft sometimes

Fav song: sick of u, mental health, self talk, self talk 2, season greetings, don't feel like home, cry

I'm kinda broken 💔🤪

11days sh free

I don't like being touched so don't touch me

Stay up all night stay up all dayyyyy sleep is for losers 🤪

I hide behind a mask, it will take a lil to get me to vent or tell the truth about how I'm feeling

I like, drawing, painting, sports, cats, frogs, ducks, foxs. Strawberry milk, (technoblade,Tommy, fundy,tubbo,ramboo) hats, making stuff, popsicles

Do not hurt or touch the ppl I love or else got it *walks away*

I hate people >:/

Don't mess with me -_-

I don't have time for ur shit

I don't expect friend request so go away

Just kinda leave me alone

Bye mother fuckers 😁

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Shout @bakugo_lqbtq_sad!

Bubs I made another account again could you send me a friend request plis ;-;

I followed you by the way :)

Hello Danny I am a good friend of Miss_Lanna She is lovely please take care of her

Bubs can I friend you on here ;-;


I am taking drawing requests, text me, shout at meh, or comment, wut u would like me to draw for ye, ^^

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I'm running the dog and my leg stops working I almost fall I trip over something I almost fell again tripped over the dog 2 times almost fell

My life litterly flashed before my eyes


Goodbye bestie hope to see u soon, ily bye bye, and be safeee

*yawn* hmmm