hi i am bella to the bella angel 🧍‍♂️

i follow amazing people, yes 🚶‍♂️

my followers means the world to me, i agree 🏃‍♂️

also pls ring the bell🤸🔔

[ ❗ WARNING : i only follow who follows me back❗ ]

[ ❗ ANOTHER WARNING : crazy stranger things and bungo stray dogs fan❗ ]

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to one of the best socool and kawaii and socool and sofunny and socool and so awesome and socool and so amazing and socool gamejolt famous users!!!!!!

okay now lets finish my application so you can more aboutz me!!!!!

  • Name: bella🍭

  • Age: 6 🧃(mmn appler 15juice)

  • Phone number: 666😈

  • Mbti (personality type): INFJ-T🧘💐

  • Fictional crush: chuuya from bsd (bungo stray dogs) ❕😻🍷💙

  • birthday: 2007/12/13🧍

  • Status: taken✨ ( by like. about 7 people or more. ((I polyamorous!!!)) )

  • discord name: bella__#1845

  • Sexuality: lesbian pansexual 🤸(im pansexual but i prefer girls)

  • Parents: @HeroelGato (HI DAD🏃) @Gama112 (HI MOM🏃) *they arent married btw* (i have about 12 parents but these are my most most favourite and most official in my aus)

  • favourite game: LITTLE NIGHTMARES 1 AND 2 (dont you dare laugh at me!!!!!)

  • Favourite song: most relatable is dollhouse and satisfied(bro i have multiple. i music addict. I HAVE OVER 2000 SONGS ON MY PHONE /srs.)


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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
– Albert Einstein

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!! vent post !!

talk about anything that is bothering you in the comments, i will come comfort you and listen to your story, and so will others!


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u going to watch the fnaf movie in the cinema.................?....??

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watch bsd (bungo stray dogs) = i marry you (literally)

we do not talk about our names

we DO NOT.


me when the fnaf movie is for 16+ to watch in cinema: