3D Artist and Game Developer.
Open for Commissions.
Author of Crumbling World.

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Do you work in Unreal Engine?

Put your games on Steam.

I know you said that you're developong Crumbling World on iOS. Have you considered porting it to Android devices as well?

Hi Dani, would you be interested in adding some voice acting / narrator talent to your game?


Hi everyone! I was commissioned to make this gun for an Indie Game.
It was made in Blender and textured in Substance Painter.


I have been creating buildings in Blender with Geometry Nodes, and this is how they look in UE5.


The Magic of texturing


I created a Wall Generator in Geometry Nodes in Blender that now it can be plugged into the Building Generator.


Using Geometry Nodes in Blender to create buildings for my game in UE5. Those are just placeholders, the next step is to replace them with real models...


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