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Hi there

May i ask software do you use to do these cool 3D/other stuff?


hey quick question if you don't mind me asking. what do you use to play you're game? Like when you're making it and you want to play it while still in development?

It was my pleasure. 😁 You deserve it and you're talented.

Do you work in Unreal Engine?


🎮 Hey, everyone! Just added another piece to the traversal puzzle in my Unreal Engine 5 game. 🧩 This time, I recreated a fantastic mechanic inspired by The Last of Us.

What do you think?


Hi everyone! I've extended my Narrow Space System with a new balancing mechanic, another feature that I thought would be simpler but took longer than expected.

What do you think?


Hey everyone! I recreated that cool Narrow Wall System from games like Last of Us and God of War for my own game using UE5. It may look simple, but a ton of work went into it, especially getting the camera just right.


🎮 I Introduced optional mini-puzzles in levels that add a whole new dimension of interaction. 🧩 Players will love engaging with objects and unlocking hidden surprises. Stay tuned for more updates!


Unleash your inner treasure hunter with the chest-looting interaction! Who knows what kind of loot you'll find? 🤔🎮


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