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Shout @dawninqq!

alee where r u u haven’t been active in a while :’0


hi alee :0 its twee

genshin L

R.I.P TECHNOBLADE salutes irl


I can't imagine what his family is going through right now

Techno will be remembered, his content's inspiring and so many people look up to him


I've barely watched Techno's content, but this is so sad

And the bots in the comment section and the people saying they're happy over Techno's death is just 4ygfr3hefgtu4r /srs

He was 23

#RIPTechno </3 :( :')

Rest in peace Technoblade, you'll be remembered

I seriously don't know what to say except R.I.P. </333



idk-,, im looking at memes bc im bored