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Dear ddemkoo, I'm an user who make posts and things. I saw that you have a community known as löl, and I saw famous people such as @TheresNoSteak and @CROS . And I think... what about I have my own channel in that community?

Well, if you respond this, I will know that you will be refusing or whatever. So, that's it. I'm Ricardo Oficial Games and I do fangames.

Hello there. General kenob- oh sorry! I was just reciting a meme. I was curious if you'd want to join our dev team? We are working hard on a fnaf fan game in ue5 and we were looking around the good ol' blender page for some new people. Would you be interested?

sorry for the miss of yo spawn day,happy spawnday!

How do you get the "CAT" tag on your profile?

Ship cockpit

Made in blender and rendered in cycles. It was made for a game I am making.

You can get the model for yourself in the sketchfab link in the youtube video description.

Here is the youtube video:


Making a cockpit in blender|| Relaxing blender timelapse (free model in description)
You must be subscribed and like the video or the model will crash your computer. Here is the sketchfab link: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/control-panels-b...

been waiting for this game for years can't wait to record it. also everyone thats been supporting this game and its devs/collaborators yall are amazing people even the devs themselves are amazing people can't wait to see what this game becomes




heavenly-roads.com - 'Infinite' 8th anniversary event


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