Hey ya'! I'm eFeN, i'm a digital artist and animator, i've 13 years, i make some FNF stuff, and i talk spanish, but i can communicate myself in english.

Friens :

@Artem_Sherbak , @IMToxicWaste , @sergianimations , @JomJom412 , @DamonNightmares-Sonjafusky , @ScareCrown_ , @DarkTremor , @Fo4nit3 , @SomeGuyNamedDraw , @RADG and some more.

Mods i'm working on:

Vs Harp!

Radioactive Desperation

Artem's Rage!

Vs Silver The Hedgehog

Muggin' and Funkin

mods i worked on:

FNF Vs GD Sub Zero

Geometry Night Dashing

If you wanna me make something you can DM me on Discord as eFeN#0269 or Shout me here in GJ.

Thanks for reading!

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i have my alt account and friend me pls

oh hey thanks for the follow dude, wasn't expecting it lmao, big fan of ur sprites and art!

nice arts bro

how do you animate left, up, down and right poses?

no more 69 followers 💀



The Epic Cubical Song

Support the vid:


Epic Cubical Song (NOT OFFICIAL!!)
i did this cuz Awe gave me the chroms of cubical.Enjoy

I did a fanchart of antagonism, here's the vid with the link:


Antagonism (Baiburg & Bandu section) Fanchart! (DOWNLOAD IN DESC.)
So yeah, i did an Antagonism Fanchart, if any Dev of Bambi's Purgatory wants me to take this down, i will. For the moment, take the mod pack:https://drive.go...

am back, and guess what am doin'...... :)

Big Boi


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