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Hi I'm an epic cool gamer who has a Mario OC and also I'm obsessed with I like FNF so uh fard.


And now for some cool guys that you should follow NOW !!!!!

@OrangeGreenAndGreyMario Lmao this is my alt.

@SuperWA-HOOMan He posts memes, he makes shitposts, he has an obsession with FNF but pretends to hate it lmao, and best of all, he's a good friend of mine. Go check him out if you haven't already.

@LUKELCS He's an artist, and has an OC named Alicia that I really like. He's also just a really cool guy in general, so go check him out!

@jakey_boi I just think he's funny. He also changes his profile pic and display name often so look out for that. He's also a good friend.

@YumiGaming_ They're a artist and I think their art looks good. Also TF2.

@FloweyGaming577 They're a fellow pixel artEEst and they're also a friend, plus they're really nice, so go check them out.

@lndickens and @aryecki They are TF2 fans and they have some really great ideas for weapons in TF2. Check them out!

@Imatoaster_is_here This guys a god tier shit poster. Go check him out.

@DeafPlayer A great game designer who also happens to be deaf, but he has cochlear implants so he can hear (don't ask me how that works). Go check this guy out.

@Lightson-HerMer An amazing artist who draws a lot of Sonic stuff, and some other stuff, to. Any good artist I have great respect for, so go follow this great one!

@IamInvincible They post many e🅱ik 🥶👌😳 memes they are also an e🅱ik 🥶👌😳 friend so check them out.

@DRACS They just a cool person.

@Funny_Fart funny fart

@PlatforminMike Super underrated and very talented artist.

@Rykuzustudios210 Really underrated pixel artist. Their work is amazing.

@Mariotravel209 Really amazing SFM animator.

@ChimeW No longer an under rated artist (still deserve more followers than they have tough). Their work is amazing.

@LightningFast Really good and underrated composer. They make really good good original songs as well as fantastic remixes. Definitely worth following them.

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Shout @ethanlolcat3!

hi ethan im dracs

No i will not pee my pants


i miss you

no way! thanks for following me!

fan art also first image is not fan art it is made by me (also yeah I wasn't the one who made the profile pic i dont use anymore lmao).

also also follow @SuperWA-HOOman becuase he's cool i guess

bro wtf is this shit doing in my reccomended

Pixel art for @-SpkGhossst-

Game Jolt please let me manage my own game on mobile.

Also let us listen to the sound track of games on mobile.

Also also stop telling me to follow my own game on mobile.