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When Fasaria is not reaping souls, she’s playing video games! What game is she playing?

Not a single box shall escape the Newbie’s wrath!


Hell is where the Random Generation is — here’s a quick look at our Dungeon Generator works!

The whole gang is here! What do you think of our hub area?

Meet Fasaria — despite her young appearance you should definitely fear this Grim Reaper! Or she'll make you suffer.

Meet Ruby — a pretty pink poltergeist with highly chaotic energy, a sugar rush that never ends and an affinity for sharp objects!

Pick your poison — explosive babe Ruby or cold-hearted tsundere Fasaria?


Who said that your Dance Dance Revolution skills are useless in a street fight?

Imps of Freaked Fleapit are always busy with quite common jobs — in the end, for them Purgatory is just a place they're living in. Would you like to be friends with one?

Meet Keyla — hellishly fluffy and always sleepy. Don’t let her adorable looks fool you and Never. Ever. Touch. Her. Tail.


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