Ye im jacko_gametime1245 lol. u can call me ''Jacko_'' for short if u want to

Games that im working on:

-One Week at Splinky's

-Treasure Island 2 Revamp's last update

My Youtube channel:

My scratch account :

My ROBLOX Account:

Credit goes to discocat185 on scratch for making that jacko bonnie vector for my PFP! I only Added the Hat and stuff, and made the pose and background.

Big ''Thank You!'' to these Awesome people =D

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Thanks for the follow! I don't know how you found me, but I have viewed your page and you are amazing! You deserve a follow back, so here you go :)

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Thank you for the... "Thank you" ! ^_ ^

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you don't look like you have a reason to

Welcome to my profile! (plz do not ask the release date of any of my games, please.)

Yeah Interminable Rooms is a weird game
Here's my tier-list on the entities in the game
(These are just my opinions)

When I will get back to working on my games, I'll post a lot more. Right now I'm just taking a break.

I literally don't have anything to post. Some of my games will be canned, but not a lot of them. Splinky's will stay fine.
Enjoy this scrapped thingy I made :)