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I would love to see flexing fredbear come back from the dead

make FNAFB 4 Now. And make it good

Yo, my fangame uses the horror engine, and I think you are pretty used to the triggers and all. Want to help out?

how did you create fnaf doors cause i am makeing a game in horror engine and i dont know how

hey jordan do u like my cool pfp

If I made a Five nights at Fredbears Roblox game would you all play it? It’s an online mode I guess

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FNAF remake ideas

Got striked on youtube for a bullshit reason.

Were playing the full game of Five Nights at Chicas On stream.

People who join and watch the stream and are in the live chat, Will get a free beta early copy of the game.

Jurassic ARK Birthday Bash: Five Nights at Chica's Full playthrough

There are now new screenshots on the gamepage. Gonna start updating it for release soon