Hello! I'm Kittykatkatelol, but you can call me Kat, or Roxy.

I post FNAF drawings, FNAF Gacha OCs, and just randomness.

My sexuality: Non-Binary, Gender fluid, and Bisexual. My Pronouns are They/Them

I do OC fanarts so if u want 1 give me a shout!

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I love FNaF (if you couldn't tell)

I love to role-play as my AU character Roxanne Afton, so if I say something weird thats why.

I am a dead wolf girl who follows William Afton and loves to murder

My moto is 'People will have their own opinions, don't fight it.. Be kind 🥰' Please be kind.

Send me a secret message: https://secret.cooo.me/498c93b70

Please don't add me to random group chats

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You need to go follow ALL of these amazing people, I truly don't deserve their kindness and love

Random facts about me:

I love William Afton (as friend) He amazing character and friend if you have a problem with that then don't get mad when I say William is the best ^^ #teamwilliam!

Favorite animatronic: Scrap Baby (and Scraptrap)

Favorite Afton: William Afton

Favorite FNaF game: FFPS/FNaF 6 (I also love Sister Location)

Favorite Color(s): Dark Purple and Black

Pretty much everything about me: https://gamejolt.com/p/i-was-bored-so-all-of-the-answers-and-in-the-article-cause-why-t-xvbn44d8

Also I'm writing a FNaF AU style story over on Wattpad, 11 chapters are up now if you want to go check it out ;) https://www.wattpad.com/story/316655159-roxanne-wolfen-a-fnaf-au?utm_source=web&utm_medium=email&utm_content=share_myworks Also while your over there you show check out my friend GlitchyFoxy's story called 'Devoured AR Code' it's so good!

Wow you made to the end of this stupidly long bio, here have a cookie and a smile :)

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