Artista, músico y un triste intento de escritor

Actualmente trabaje en: FNF: the ink Machine, VS Penny Crygor, FNF: Sonic Horrors, Funkin'.exe, AVI Panic, FNF: Persistence y Shoot Head (Este último no tiene relación con Friday Night Funkin').


Artist, musician and a sad writer attemp.

Currently, i work on: FNF: The ink machine, VS Penny Crygor, FNF: Sonic Horrors, Funkin'.exe, AVI Panic, FNF: Persistence and Shoot Head (This one isn't related to FNF)


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Shout @laiferplay!

Hi! How are you? I'm Toby, and I really wanted your help on some of my projects. I'm creating some FNaF fan games, and your art & music caught my attention. They're amazing! To be honest, I would love to have your support on the team. If you want more details, it would be great to speak with you privately.

how im going drawing my exe?

tenes discor¿

i wanted to reach out to you to see if u could help us with our fnf mod?

hey i have a question

I been shorts of ideas for draw in this recent days, so i decide to open art request. Comment below what you want me to draw and i will draw it

I Make a tierlist of Sonic.exe songs

I don't care if the people who gave me a chances in all the Sonic.exe fnf projects that i've been working in this months, is just that... Just... see this please, and watch the full video... Please.


(SONIC.EXE 2.5/3.0) Why I will never let the vs Sonic.exe Team lie to us again.
If you harass someone mentioned in this video, you have a small PP.Once again, I'll say to everyone I "exposed" that, if you are able to disprove any claim W...

A little draw of Mechanized. (The background is a screenshot of the Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric Game)