I'm a gamer. I'm a girl. I'm a weirdo. Welcome!

Life is a game of Sims and, apparently, Ghostface is the one playing it. πŸ”ͺ

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Hi, people of Joltland!

It is #VloggingDay and I'm excited because:

✨ There's only one more trophy left for my Stray's platinum!

✨ I'll go see Slipknot for the first time soon!

How about you, my friend?


I apologize in advance for all the zigzags, but I was desperately trying to get the last trophy β€œCan’t Cat-ch Me”.

Needless to say, I failed. 🀑 #ConsoleGaming

❀️ Daily Reminder ❀️

When giving opinions, keep in mind that there's a real human being behind the screen. Always wonder how what you're about to type would sound IRL.

Strive for kindness. There's enough negativity out there. Be different. πŸ’—

#LittleMissMe can't stop buying/downloading new games while I have a pile of unplayed ones 🀑

Oh yes, the feline boss #CatsRuleEverythingAroundMe