We all float down here.

Following this people might cause instant 'WOW':

- @Whaleshark
- @Efe69888

- @TiferArts
- @Los_Lolos

- @SebastianAriza

- @PaigeArtz

Thank me later.

Go give yourself a badass tattoo when your boss insists that you take the day off πŸ”₯

Art by the one and only @ManutkArt

@Kikkerstein taking a stroll through the β€œwilderness” of South America 🌿

Thank you so much to @ChrisisArt for bringing him to life πŸ’š

And my Nintendo figures collection grows one more time! Can you believe all of these came with McDonald’s Happy Meal? I personally think it’s the coolest, I love to collect them ❀️

The Sheriff's in town 😎

@ManutkArt thank you so much for my new badass persona!