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Pls Give me your cat it's cute :<

You’re amazing! Thank you for the follow and support 💖 excited to see more things you’ll share ✨



hi umm. i dont fertile you but can you please follow me?

#OldLady MyCatSitsOnMyKeyboard

Today was the 1st time ever I cried on stream.
Anyone can guess which game I was playing?

Look who I saw at the local store! There was Mommy Long Legs sitting too, but I needed to catch the train didn’t take a picture. :)

I make @KatjaKatze work. Because why not? :D


Tell me the story of your cat!

My @KatjaKatze was a #stray cat at dad's garage. Out of all garages she chose dad's where he caught her and brought her home, the 4th cat in the family. She's now a healthy, happy and purry minichonk.