I am Bryce Stock, developer of the Sonic fan game Sonic Time Twisted.

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Hey @overbound , i'm here to report some bugs that i found in Sonic Time Twisted:

1- there's no music, only sound effects.

2- in he battle with metal sonic in attractive attack (act 2), if you take a hit one of your rings go through the plataform.


Can you please tell me what this means and what do I have to do to be able to play? I made 100% of the pc version and I wanted to have the mobile version too to have a quality game to play in my free time but this appears to me every time I enter the game, thanks in advance and I would like to say that this is an excellent fangame , congratulations to those who worked on it

i want it

is there a debug mode in SONIC TIME TWISTED

I think the next game you should make is Sonic Blast 16bit

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https://discord.gg/VqwwEpCFPf On my Discord today taking Questions about Sonic Time Twisted all day.

I have setup a Patreon with a blog to show off development of No More Robots.

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I've been posting almost daily!

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