Enjoy the process of my embroidery projects from video game, anime, and cartoon characters. Feel free to follow my instagram @qkcustoms

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haha out of nowhere none of my chargues count anymore, I guess I'll think again

Hey? Not in the roblox community? May want to change that

Congrats on 420 followers. Make sure u don't smoke weed! It's bad!

i am the number 1

How do you only have 294 followers? You deserve 10 times that!


Stitch embroidery time lapse 👽 ✨


Purple squad 🔥embroidery Timelapse

#ninjaturtles #teentitans #stevenuniverse

I will be selling hoodies and rugs at Chicago comic con this year! Mar.31-Apr.2 Also Captain America will be there 😱 can’t wait!


Totally spies embroidery Timelapse

#totallyspies #cartoon


Kim possible hoodie Timelapse 🔥

#kimpossible #disney