I often get requests for some of my older games, so I thought I would make an official GameJolt page and post a few. :) Just so that everyone knows that this is official, I'll list my Gamejolt account on Scottgames.com. I won't post many games, just a few that get requested the most! Enjoy!

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Shout @realscawthon!

Hey, I'm a kid in year 7 I look up to you a ton, I'm currently making a FNaF fangame with my friend @KrafterMakesGames I'd be so happy if you sponsored us, helped develop or even contact me I would actually cry, thanks

Deepest regards,


Congratulations on FNAF’s 8 year anniversary! Thank You Scott for the great games you have made and the great memories!

free fnaf games (whit toad voice)

Love you and all the FNAF saga!!! Best terror games

Congrats on the 100 grand followers

That's more than I could dream of lmao

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