Gamedev team that loves #horror, made #mirrorlayers with @MyMadnessWorks

Adriano Tumminelli - programmer

Gianmarco Terenzi - graphic designer

Enrico Carcangiu - programmer

We created Revolab in March 2013!

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Can you make another game like ''7DAYS'' please i realy enjoied it

@RevoLab you still alive?

Hay guys! Just wanted to say - THANKS for that AMAZING game! (7Days). Reeeally enjoyed it! :3

Mirror Layers is out now on Steam, with a 15% launch discount! Thanks to all the betatesters and the people who helped us during this journey.
Happy halloween!

The new Mirror Layers prologue is now playable in Simplified Chinese (简体中文), Portuguese and Spanish!

Try it if you didn't •ᴗ•


In the new MirrorLayers (2021) you will be able to cooperate directly in the game, with the built-in computer & social! What do you think?



Here's another peek at Chandran's apartment 12 of the new Version!

Bizarrely soothing, it's a perfect place to recollect your thoughts while searching for a solution to an Enigma.

Or I don't know, you could just enjoy your time here #screenshotsaturday