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um... Hi? excuse me, rexer I don't know if you're online, I mean on this website, but I need to talk to you about something if you don't mind.

Hey this kid found something in Episode Shadow what does it mean, Rexer??? https://youtu.be/L1di5W6NBpE

Hey Rexer061 I speak spanish!

ilove your games it´s so cool

News about Blood Tears.

This time you're just going to have 2 endings depeinding on if you find all the crimson ring pieces or not, but also each piece that you found is going to unlock a extra chapter on the extras menu.

New information!!!!!

Blood Scream 2 renamed to Blood Tears
First demo will be ready next month(maybe)
It's the continuation of the average ending

Access to Level select on Blood Scream revealed

Press M or H in help menu