We are a tiny team of 3 full time Indie Games makers based in Taiwan.


Feili is the overall game maker, he has worked on many games as a 3D artist >and later on as a producer, such as Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Rayman Origins, >Exalight, and less known titles. His passion for video games led him to go through >everything video games touches. Coding, writing, Game Design, 3D Modeling, >Animations, Music / Sound design, UI, Concept Arts, team management, and other >dark arts. More about me here!


Leo is a 3D Artist, he came from the movie industry and worked on several >animations titles such as Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Detours, Dragons the TV >series and Final Fantasy XIV. He has a big passion for games in general. He models, >skin and rigs 3D characters and environments, and helps a lot with the testing and >level designs.


Yang come from a completely different industry, but has experience with >business and a true passion for video games. He is responsible for the business >development, marketing, and negotiating. He works on Level designs and Game >Design.

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