Hewo, am Italian, you can call me sten

I go to a high school to become a construction engineer.

Before send me a friend request, ask me first or advise me 💀

I can finally say that I'm #gjfamous uwu

If you want an edit, just ask me and see the rules at the end of the bio.

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@OT_Serinea the best person ever, you can feel always good with her, she makes good things <3

The first time I've seen her account I immediately thought that she was a fantastic person and a good friend <3

@CallMehBaka , my best friend and my ex-

@Alex_freak awesome person, you can talk to him and never be tired to talk

@FREDGIRL1987 I'm gonna leave ya here forever :)

One of the best person ever, once you know them you will immediately love them :3

@Emmie-the-forest-elf a wonderful and good friend :3

@basicallyBonnie best person ever :3 and my idol <3

@RIP_Technoblade one of the best person ever :3

@AmberCupcake @QueenAmber one of the best person ever and one of the best friend that you could desire <3

@AmixVol my belarus friend and amazing friend ^^

@TiffanyGhostFox , the best friend that everyone could dream of ^^

@nelltounia amazing person, and fantastic friend :3

@9191unikitty you are a very good person, a fantastic friend :3

Literally everyone that talk with you, will love you :3

@goofyahhblueberry wonderful and pretty beloved :3

@dakmoepablo good person and friend

@CrappyDawktrap_1000 amazing person and friend :3

@NightWolfWasTaken , she is a good friend, and she is good UwU

@Bean_Soup3 , one of my first follower and my 3rd mom 😁

@TheRealKitKat amazing person, friend and a lovely friend that makes you smile :)

@zso , good and nice person she do the best animation that you could image

@Applejack233 one of the best user ever, the best friend that everyone wants and also a very good person :)

@Micheal_afton_official , she is a fantastic friend UwU

@Night_coffee , she is one of the best artist ever ^^

@ANGYYES great person you should follow her makes good stuff, you should follow her now :>

@_Flowers_ great guy that makes good drawn :>

@KitKat_Lary , a UwU good frien and my 2nd mom 😁

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@GlamrockMangle , my game jolt 1st best friend

@Mr_Nico_Cat , he's a very very good friend of mine :)

@Moxxie_very_nice , he's a great guy and a great friend, his post are fantastic

@TheHasanGamer , a very good friend

@Eugene_Harold_Krabs , the real Krabs


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@jorgeherrera1 good friend and artist


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Don't ever try to make me fall in love with you, bc I already have my love one, and I wrote them at start if the bio, where there are the ppl to follow


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i only do simple edit, pls don't ask me complicate things:
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can you be my friend?

Damn this guy is awesome I love Germany

3rd time posting this ;-;

Well this time I'm glad tho




I wanted to post it awhile ago tho xd

No sound bc I'm stupid ;-;


Not my case xd