*an artist from China

*Dream is to become a [big artist]

*If you like my art work, you can click on something to pay attention to, and I will continue to produce more works

*So that's it ,have fun!

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Shout @swapfellNEO_papyrus!


your art is awesome

So cool posts

Good luck

你好,你能在我作為藝術家做的遊戲中幫助我嗎?/ Hello, can you help me in a game that I am doing as an artist?

can we be friends?

My English is not very good, so I will not reply to most comments, so if you want to make friends, sureXD

(thanks by Google translate)


An Enigmatic Encounter

yes i haven't posted on gamejolt for a long time, i will start syncing all my art from deviantart this friday

one punch sans

[Bad Times All Around] B-side