About Me:
Name: Joel


Likes:Undertale, Sonic, Friday Night Funkin', FNaF, Newgrounds, Among Us, Roblox, BFDI/BFB/OSC
Dislikes:Gacha Cringe/Heat, Fontcest, KAM(Kill All Men), Toxic Fans, Homophobes, and more
Game I'm Working on The Most?
The Fallen Project

People you should follow:
@DanteTheYouTubeDevil-_-: Epic person that is a starting game dev!

@iDarkGamez: One of my friends that gave me inspiration to continue making games!

@spindlyyoshi: One of my first ever followers, and a pretty cool guy!

@Icea : Cool game dev and really nice person! And she was my first ever follower!

@CoolGuy638 pretty cool dude, and also nice too! Another one of my first followers

I guess I should add this?
Follower Goals:
100 (Achieved)
500 (Achieved)


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Shout @thestarscommand!

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A new demo is coming up later this year! We have a DISCORD if you wanna hang out with our community:

We also have a GameJolt group for the game!

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hey its ajo i got a second account

I Follow You

Happy Spawn Day, Joel

All of my fans and followers follow @joeldoesstuff , it's my new account

Gonna make a new game jolt account soon cus I don't like this one

I'm basically nearly inactive here, so if you wanna see what i'm doing or talk to me, join my discord -

Also forgot to mention that Funkin Frenzy has a twitter account now!

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