mew mew mew

I run this site or it runs me.

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Shout @thoro!

hey thoro your a mod right?

Hey, i wanted to remove the DEV tag from my profile, would you be able to help me?

dude you ban people for no reson so im leaving

Tbh bro, I think mew runs you more. Clearly by your bio there's more mews there therefore making it run you. So you are now a mew

Why did you unfriend me????? ;(

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There's going to be a Cuphead show on Netflix!!!

How the Game Jolt staff vacations in Roblox. @lorac and I relaxing with our marshmallows!

How do you vacation?

What is the most creative insult you've heard in 2021?

I'll go first. I prob butchered it but...

"Millennials with side parts aren't even the main character in their own story." #rekt

We clarified the Adult Content section of the Site Guidelines