Hi i'm Zack

Average game developer, 3D artist, animator

I really like makeing games and arts

Pls follow me on Instagram: Zack.3D_Artist

Everything for my games takes so much time... i don't want my games to get too much famous, cuz maybe it's a waste of time for some ppl...

So sorry...

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Hey could you help with Rendering and Animation for my game? https://gamejolt.com/games/JrsOLI/745737 Xxx_Saidai_xxX #5324 if you want to talk

I have two more ideas, how about starting from the end of night two, the guard experinces 8-bit/other minigames. Also, on night 5, the animtronics somehow become a bit withered. And at hour 4, a new animtronic arrives. When they do, all the others (Execpt for Golden Freddy) Disappear/Vanish.

I know, the questions from people (MIGHT) get annoying, and sadly I am going to continue. This is all I want to know. What site/app/website I use if I want to start creating games?

hey man can you tell how to do posters from your fnaf 1 remake? and renders and how to do animations to?

Hi, hope you are doing well. I am currently creating a FNaF fan game and am in need of a modeler for the characters. Do you think you could help out with the game? Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.

bonnie boi

Hi everyone!

Finally back here after weeks and i just want to tell u that from today i'll come back working on FNaFR and posting news about it (sorry if i didn't told you before about my break) i made this render for @ScottZimmerman for a collab.

School is really killing me dammit :(

Hi btw and, finally back again here with news about FNaFR

So, like i said many days ago, it's going slow but good so nothing to worry about

even if i don't post that much i'm still trying to stay on my pc and work :)


Here's the poster dor the new year! I hope ya all like it :)

Hey! Here's an old art that i edited for Christmas(I'm late ik)

I'll make a full new render for the new year instead of an edit :)

About FNaF1R? It's going fine, pretty slow but fine! Still school issues, so Sorry.

Well, see u and Happy holidays!