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 Here you will find my gaming cake tutorials and cake pictures.

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 If you have any suggestions for future cake ideas just let me know and I will see what I can do 

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Heimerdinger Buttercream Cake


How to Make an Arcane Heimerdinger Cake
For this I wanted to have a go at a buttercream creation based on a TV show I've been binge watching recently, Arcane. Arcane is an animated series on Netfli...

No, I do not want a banana! 🍌 🦍

Overwatch Winston Cake!!


AMAZING OVERWATCH WINSTON CAKE!! 🦍 Modelling Chocolate Bust!
Here’s my version of Winston from overwatch.I started him over 2 years ago, then covid happened and he got left in my cupboard! I Finally got around to finis...

Any Magic: The Gathering players on Game Jolt? This artwork is AWESOME!


How do you get 1000 Pikachus on a minibus? Pokémon 😁


Pikachu cake 3D Pokemon cakes
How to make a 3D Pikachu cake from Pokemon. A perfect cake for any Pokemon fan!You can see more of my pokemon cakes and cake toppers here - https://www.youtu...

May the 4th be with you 💫 Have a great Star Wars Day 🚀


Star Wars Cakes, Cupcakes & Cake Toppers
Once you start down the 'cake' path, forever will it dominate your destiny 😉 Can you guess which character was behind the original unedited quote?Here is a ...

Looking for my next cake-spiration 🎂

POV: You've just got a PS5 and some games. What do you start playing first?

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Made these cake toppers years ago so the vid is a bit blurry, but they look super cool, they're simple to make and, as long as you don't mind eating large quantities of sugar, 100% edible as well 🥳

Happy Weekend guys 🥳 thank you so much to everyone that helped me get verified! Just finished my latest cake so now I get to celebrate by playing Animal Crossing all day 🙌


Super Mario Mushroom Cake (does not contain actual mushrooms, although it will make you bigger if you eat it all)


Mario Mushroom Cake : Gaming cakes collaboration with Red Ted Art
How to make a Super Mushroom cake from the Super Mario games :) I have demonstrated how to create this using a small cake, you could use the same method on a...