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Happy 6th birthday ddlc !

Don’t forget us player we will always be here to read and write with you vist us from time to time so we won’t hurt anymore

sayori: I won’t cry for you

I won’t hurt for you

Natsuki: I won’t be lonely for you

Monika: I killed them all for you

DDLC team

Today is the 6th Anniversary of DDLC! (Unfortunately, no artwork, due to my homework for College.)

#ddlc #DokiDokiLiteratureClub

I swear if there isn't a quest about Doki Doki Literature Club I'm gonna cry-

Glamrock Freddy chibi, and ill be posting the rest later on in development (sorry about the watermark i just dont want it being used till the mod is released). it is just an edit of sayoris chibi, so dont point that out i already know