Nani?! The ----- community doesn't exist? you want to talk to others about it? never fear, because the anime community is here!

Talk about any and all anime from the amazing movie Akira, to the wonderful show Dr. Stone. Every anime welcome!

There are rules, of course:

  1. No Hentai(don't search that up kids) or NSFW content

  2. no bullying other people's shows/movies

  3. report any enemy stand users to the owner and mods!

  4. Whatever you're posting, make sure it's in the right channels!

  5. If you find something you don't think should be there, it's encouraged to tell mods, as we love to organize (mostly).

  6. If you think something was unfairly featured, do tell us first instead of making a scene! We like to stay 'laxed here.

  7. Enjoy yourself here!

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