Chill in you chair. Check the cams then, share a smile.

Ballora ✨️

👀 *blinks* am I hallucinating? DUDE WERE NEARLY AT 300 FOLLOWERS! WOOOOOOOOOH

Free us... (updated, Missing Kids gacha OCs)

I finally remade them, and i love the result ^^

In the comments is the old version :)

My new pfp by @Jaydoesgamedev

Ennard/Mr. Spaghetti ^^

Welcome to the Five Nights at Freddy's Fan Group community. We have a few rule though. Please only FNaF and BATIM related thing in this community.

-1- Don't steal/copy people's work without giving the credit

-2- Be nice and respectful

-3- Don't be inappropriate

-4- Enjoy

-5- Don't spam


I can't wait to try out your games and see how good y'all are. Enjoy. I hope you have fun <3! Every one is welcomed except haters.🥳🥳🥳

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